An efficient and dynamic IT asset tracking solution for:

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Focus on your business while staying in control of your IT assets.

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Manage and track your IT assets

With one simple, low-resource solution, your business has complete control over your IT assets, systems and financial data.

The V-Track™ solution benefits

An efficient and dynamic IT asset tracking solution

Cut the tracking costs

Time is money

You don't want to spend it on administrating IT assets.

V-Track™ eliminates the cost of time in one simple, monthly swoop. One fee, one solution – the IT asset management tool you need to stay on top and on point. Our fee is one of the lowest in South Africa and includes licensing, upgrades, customisation and an integrated IT asset management solution which is designed to suit your business.

V-Track™ gives you the freedom to focus on your business while staying in control of your IT assets.

Customisable dashboard

Powerful dashboard

Designed to provide you with proactive IT asset management.

The V-Track™ dashboard is a powerful, highly customisable, visual interface which provides you with the data you need to manage your IT assets accurately and effectively. The dashboard offers a visual and graphic breakdown of data, showing you where your IT assets are, how the IT assets are being used, and who is using them. Every customer's dashboard can be customised to suit specific business requirements, and client learnings are used to further enhance and expand dashboard capability.

The V-Track™ dashboard also provides links to financial information, tracking data, location data and dynamic reporting. It can show how many IT assets have been seen in a set number of days, reveal the financial information attached to IT assets and allows for all data to be easily exported. The dashboard is designed to provide you with proactive IT asset management functionality within an easy to use interface.

One network, all the IT assets

Track your IT assets

Deploy in almost any location with your budget in mind.

V-Track™ understands what your organisation needs when it comes to tracking its IT assets and it is easily customised thanks to its local ownership and development processes.

Functionality and capability are constantly evolving to meet the unique demands of the South African business.

V-Track™ is one of the lightest agents on the market today – it has virtually no impact on bandwidth or network usage. It can be deployed in almost any location and within almost any bandwidth constraints, and the solution can still track IT assets on your network.

Limited bandwidth? No problem – V-Track™ has been created for unique challenges around network capability and accessibility. Efficient and accurate, V-Track™ is resource friendly.

Want to track financial information, access comprehensive reporting, track IT assets effectively and transform the way you interact with your IT assets? V-Track™ ticks every box, and it does it with your budget in mind.

Complete financial control

Link your IT asset financial records

Summarise your financial data and incorporate it into your IT asset register.

V-Track™ clients can link financial records to tracked IT assets. You get a summarised view of your financial data and the V-Track™ solution combines all relevant financial information and records and puts them at your fingertips. The customisable dashboard also mitigates the need for excessive reporting, allowing for your company to set financial reporting parameters which suit your processes and regulations.

The V-Track™ solution links your IT assets to users and cost centre and you can upload the initial financial information and incorporate it into your IT asset register. Depreciation charges can be tracked across IT assets and you can tailor various financial elements to support in-depth financial control. V-Track™ creates a dynamic IT asset management ecosystem which includes finance, data, compliance and control.

Simpler IT asset rental management

A simple solution to a complex problem

Effective IT asset management to ensure compliance and control.

The rental model has numerous advantages, but it requires effective IT asset management to ensure compliance and control. When renting IT assets, you need to know where they are to ensure that they are returned on time, and by the right person - IT asset management is crucial as every IT asset must be tracked across location, return date and status. V-Track™ does all of this for you – tracking and managing IT assets regardless of whether they are rented or purchased.

V-Track™ is a simple solution to a complex problem, and it specialises in assisting organisations take control of their rental IT assets.

The V-Track™ solution transforms a challenge into a value proposition. The data V-Track™ captures as IT assets are tracked and monitored can be used to change the way you interact with, and manage, them in the future. V-Track™’s effective data analysis and management capabilities allow for richer understanding of IT asset usage and the impact on the business over the long and short term.

With the V-Track™ solution in place, your IT asset tracking will add immediate value to your business and bottom line.

Proactive IT asset management

Efficient, trustworthy and accurate

Customised to suit your IT asset tracking requirements.

V-Track™ is a proactive and dynamic solution. From the SME to the large corporation, V-Track™ can be customised to suit your IT asset tracking requirements. Efficient, trustworthy and accurate, the solution is built to handle volume and data without impacting the network or performance.

Resellers are also eligible to work with V-Track™ and can contact us to find out more about how they can work with us to create dynamic IT asset tracking solutions for the South African market.

The V-Track™ solution features

Efficiency defined by technology

IT Asset management has never been so resource efficient than with V-Track™ IT asset management.

This innovative IT asset management solution has been designed to deploy within minutes while having limited impact on network or system functionality and a tiny footprint. The server and client configurations are quick and easy with a small deployed agent to interrogate IT assets. The industry standard SQL database is centralised, normalised and indexed for increased efficiency, and it allows for third party integration and optimisation.

The V-Track™ IT asset management solution needs minimal infrastructure for deployment and has impressive customisation capabilities. IT Assets only need an internet connection to be tracked and can be managed from within the client environment. V-Track™ IT asset management data has impressive reporting tools which can be tailored to include: per asset, serial number, user, cost centre and even unique ID.

Find out more about the benefits of V-Track™ or contact us to get more information.

Improve your company efficiency

Focused IT asset planning and control

IT Asset tracking has to be efficient, targeted and reliable if it wants to deliver on its premise, and its promise. V-Track™ ticks every box, and keeps every promise.

The solution supports your business in automatically tracking IT inventory and assets, and answering important questions around volume, location, user and financial status. V-Track™ can be used to plan your businesses technology requirements over the long and short term. It is also ideal as a planning tool for mergers, office relocations and restructuring, giving you the features you need to stay on top of IT asset location and requirements.

V-Track™ links your contractual and financial obligations to your IT assets, manages contractual start and expiry dates, tracks warranty dates and supports the recovery of charges or rental from cost centres. Every one of these features is delivered on an easy to use interface [link to dashboard] and assures you of a seamless user experience.

Concerned with governance and compliance? The features built into V-Track™ are designed support you in monitoring and managing compliance with ease. Concerned with risk? The solution will support you in reducing risk and IT asset component theft through safeguards, data and visibility. It will also let you know when there is a problem, reducing theft or loss when it happens, not when somebody eventually notices.

Take proactive control of my business

Automatic, scalable and local

Designed, developed and maintained locally, V-Track™ assures you of swift service and features created specifically for the South African business. This IT asset tracking solution is scalable and affordable and it will provide you with automatic and efficient inventory management which can be adapted to fit the growing needs of your business.

The V-Track™ solution also provides geo-location data so you can deploy the software remotely, without needing a connection to the network. V-Track™ will remove the complexity of asset rental and purchase, and it will significantly reduce your administrative burden.

With one simple, low-resource solution, your business has complete control over your IT assets, systems and financial data.

Automate your IT Asset tracking

The V-Track™ price tag

V-Track™ asset management is an affordable solution which can be scaled to suit specific business requirements and budgets.

Proof of concept


up to 15 assets
for 30 days

Request POC
Included in the POC

Step towards real asset management

  • Track up to 15 assets
  • Obligation free
  • Basic dashboard
  • * Terms and conditions apply


R 15

per asset
per month

Start Tracking
This includes

Everything in the POC, and:

  • Unlimited assets
  • Cloud-based asset tracking
  • Customizable dashboard on set-up
  • Free feature upgrades
  • Local support
  • * Terms and conditions apply

Volume Licensing

To be quoted

for resellers
or more than 2000 assets

Let's Talk
This includes

Everything in the POC and Standard

  • Exclusive rate per asset
  • Minimum of 2000 assets required
  • Free training for support staff
  • * Terms and conditions apply

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